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We will be sharing our views about markets, market psychology and other views/opinion about the markets.


We started this project because many of you wanted to learn technical analysis from me. I have created this community where you can learn about markets with each other away from all the other noise. Welcome & thank you!

Where do I start with learning technical analysis, is a common question I get. At Nepse Trading advisors, we have free courses

Welcome to Nepse Trading Advisors where you will get the foundational understanding of technical analysis and learn how to fish confidently in the share markets.

Interest Rate and its Impact in the Markets

INTEREST RATE- WHY IT MATTERS FOR NEPSE & YOUR STOCK Key Points Why interest rate could be more important than

RISK ON OFF METER FOR NEPSE TREASURY BILLS YIELD Market Sentiment Due to low interest rate, it is our assessment

Market Psychology - Nepse Cheat Sheet

Nepse Cheat Sheet – Understanding Market Psychology   वाल स्ट्रीट चीट शीटबाट अनुवाद गरिएको नेप्से …

Price chart creates human emotions that can be mapped in a price chart and induces certain behaviors that can be mapped roughly in this Nepse Cheat Sheet.

Simplify your TA - Master Risk Management and Master Markets

We have simplified our materials so that with enough practice and dedication you can become the best version of yourself as a trader/investor.

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