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Nepse Trading Advisors (Nepse Advisors) aims to educate  aspiring traders and investors on high time order flow and institutional demand and supply techniques.

We have observed that there is too much emphasis on technical analysis and too little on risk management, market psychology and fundamental business value creation that propels the markets.  

We want to help by providing tools and techniques and equip you with foundational understanding of market dynamics. Personally, we are interested in learning and educating how market creates value and turns capital into long term prosperity and help build wealth for the nation and its citizens.

To that end, we will be offering both FREE and PREMIUM classes. We aspire to create a  community of traders and investors alike who want to increase their profit potential in one of the most competitive games, that we like to call markets! 

Lastly, we always remain humble student of the markets and emphasize on continuous learning, development and wealth building by taking a long view.

Stay hungry and aspire to be skill rich while you work towards becoming money rich!


Nepse Trading Advisors

What we offer

Our Services

  • Free Technical Analysis Courses
  • Premium Technical Analysis Courses 
  • Free Technical Analysis Webinar (OPEN & always free)
  • Premium Technical Analysis Webinar(Limited to premium members) 
  • Community 
  • Trading View Price Chart (high time frame periods & Some Economic Measures)
  • Views/opinions about the markets & occasionally high probability trade ideas


  • We are not signal services (giving you markets to buy/sell)

how we started

Nepse Trading Advisors

First and foremost I am a humble student of the markets. I have been studying markets and trading Forex, Commodities, Equities and other exotic products for a while and attempted to understand how market creates value.

After making every mistakes in the books, I have found an approach that seems to simplify  markets at its core: an interaction between buyers and sellers. To that end, I wanted to share my knowledge to the community and I am humbled by the support and positive feedback I had received from my freely available educational content.

This website and education contents  exist only because I wanted to give you tools and techniques and all of you showed interest and reached out that you wanted to learn more. 

If you are a beginner you can you enter the market equipped with foundational understanding of institutional order flow, demand supply and support/resistance along with risk management. 

I am excited that we can finally organize the educational materials in a logical format so that you can take your time mastering these concepts.

My hope is that you will take the time to learn, master, and apply them and use what you like and adapt it into a system. 

As I always say, trading and investing is a personal journey and my hope is to help you with the foundational knowledge to propel you into the right direction. My ultimate hope is to help you make  the best version of yourself as a trader/investor.

Thanks for joining me in this journey and I can not wait to see how high all of you soar!

Lastly, a bit about me. I have training in Economics, Mathematics and Science and an MBA. I am passionate about knowledge and transformative power of knowledge and practical education. 

Happy learning and mastering the markets! 

  • Make Technical Analysis simple
  • Help you master market psychology
  • Help you learn institutional order FLOW.

Classes suitable for both beginner and advanced users

Sharing ideas and knowledge freely online and here.

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Join the community and Learn and grow together



We hope you take advantage of these free resources!

In our courses, we simplify markets and give you a structure. With enough practice, you will learn to read hte market better become a great risk manager. 

Join the community of fellow learners!

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